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Karina is a female only, personal trainer and online coach based in Dubai. Through her fitness career in Bikini Fitness competitions she became a British Bikini Fitness Champion and published fitness model. Her main focus is body positivity, intensive training and a healthy attitude towards food.


Karina has the knowledge of training and nutrition to help all females transform their physique into the body they always wanted.


She will work on changing your mindset as well as your body to give you a complete lifestyle change and ensure you will be able to remain happy and healthy for the rest of your life, this is not just a quick fix.


Her methods of training techniques evolve around resistance training with weights in a gym, as well as cardio routine. 


If you are looking for a coach who cares, understands and gives you the support you deserve, then look no further!

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#Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training

Karina works with a limited number of 1-2-1 personal training clients to ensure that every client gets her full attention, energy and focus.

Over the last 5 years she helped hundreds of females and is considered an expert in female body transformations. Her training styles include strength, resistance and HIIT with a specific focus on female desires for an hourglass figure which is achieved by working on defined Gluteus, shoulders and tight waist.

Her positive energy and intense work ethic means training can be as fun as it is hard.

  • Personal training can be done on a one to one or paired basis if you prefer training with a friend.

  • If you have a specific aim and are serious about getting results look no further.

  • Personal training is a great way of focusing on the individual and tailoring your diet plan and training to your own personal goals.

#Online Coaching

Online Coaching

This is a personal online service where Karina will be coaching you step by step on how to achieve your fitness goals.

What’s included:


  • Customised Nutrition/Diet plan with macro breakdown

  • How to macro track

  • Customised Training program

  • Weekly check ins via email/WhatsApp 

  • Daily 24h WhatsApp support

  • Weekly adjustment to diet/training if needed

  • Monthly phone call/zoom call



Online coaching is available in

8 weeks transformation 

12 weeks transformation

16 weeks transformation 


#Virtual Training


Live Stream Instagram Workouts with Karina.

As part of this subscription you will have access to 6 live workouts a week, and a workout liberally. Wherever you are in the world, you can always train with Karina as your coach and follow along her workouts.
Each workout will also have a written copy to which you will gain access forever.


Through the week Karina will work your full body and focus on keeping the workouts interesting but also educational. All you need is a space to train and something to use as weights even water bottles are fine (optional mat, dumbbells).

This is ideal for the girl who needs that extra push and still want to achieve the fitness goals while training at home.

What’s Included and whats the cost;


  • 6 live stream training session per week in a private Instagram group 

  • All videos saved to IGTV liberals to use at any time 

  • written copy of each workout  

  • 24h Whatsapp support group with likeminded ladies

  • Nutrition/diet plan( if you sign up for 1 month upfront) 

  • 100AED / 20GBP per week  (400AED / 80GBP monthly) which is a fraction of 1 PT session with Karina 

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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